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Hello again.

Good evening, everyone.
Did you miss me? I guess there aren't that much people reading my entries and the ones who did probably don't even remember me, but, oh well, I can handle that :D
I didn't write for more than a year. I could tell you what happened in the meantime, but that would be too much. I'm lazy, everyone knowing me knows that. I didn't make much icons, really, and the ones I did make are ... well, lets say, you really do not want to see that. Two weeks ago I started playing around in Photoshop again, you'll see the results at the end of the post ;D

I thought about deleting the old entries, but instead I just edited them a little. The content is all the same, though.
It's interessting to see how my icons changed in that one year. Even though I work with Photoshop for four years now, iconmaking is still 'new' to me. Ok,  I'm doing this for a year now, but with short breaks, soooo ... yes :D

There's not much to tell. Today's my parents silver wedding. 25 years, thats quite a long time :D
Tomorrow's my last day of 'school', we've got a school festival. On Wednesday we'll get our grades and then we have summer break! (:

My sister talked me into reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer, so far it's pretty good.

Nicest Thing

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