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She's still alive

Did I just hear a 'damn it'`?! 'o'
I know, I didn't write for more than a month, shame on me, but this time I've got stuff with me, yaaaay :D
It's not much, but at least anything... Maybe I'll try to make a new layout later.
Well, anyways, I noticed I'm not as bad at drawing as I always thought I would be. I mean, it's still very bad, but no one's running away. That has to mean something  :D I drew a lot for homework on Gina's Hogwarts ( That's where I spent a lot of time in the last month and it's a reason why  didn't write for so long (:
But I'm also very good at loosing things. As I already wrote, I'm drawing a lot these days and so my mum bought me two new pencils and I already lost them three times each oo

In two month will be my confirmation and I got my dress and my shoes and the jewelerys and I'm excited. I can't wait, the next few months are going to be awesome, there'll be my birthday where I'll get all the Harry Potter movies and then the confirmation with my amazing dress and after that the exchange to Poland.

I was at a book flea market yesterday and I couldn't resist those books. They were screaming 'buy us, buy us', I swear! 'o'
I bought 10 books. Now I got 34 books at home I still have to read. I just finished "P.S. I love you"  and I'm starting to read "Pack Up the Moon" ("Weil du bei mir bist") now.

Well, Goodbye (:

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